One-time development & set-up of an integrated solution

       We work with companies on projects that require a one-time development and deployment, including training of staff and follow-up services. Basically, we help set-up an integrated solution for your business, then train and enable you to use it on your own. These projects include:

  • • Setting up a POS (Point of Sale) system
  • • Develop reporting methods and standardized documents or processes for your company
  • • Establishing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for your business including setting up
    • – Sales funnels
    • Inbound Marketing platforms and processes
    • – Online presence, Social Media platforms, e-mail marketing, etc.

Ongoing support for expansion projects, including those outside of a client's expertise

      We also onboard projects where our client’s need continuous support to overcome bottlenecks during growth. We take care of activities needed for successful expansion when your resources, and/or expertise fall-short. By providing these needs, our partners can fully focus on the core of their business and not feel overwhelmed or spread too thin. When steps for growth is outside of your knowledge and expertise, we can pair you with one of our partners who will take you through every step of the way. Some projects and activities include:

• Legal Advising – Contract reviewing and drafting
• Guidance on the process of opening a company. Focusing on the legal and administrative processes.
• Providing advising, research, execution for startups and small businesses; create and improve processes.
• Copywriting & editorial projects.

Business technology management solutions

Other than setting up CRMs, Social Media management platforms and so on, we also provide the following IT services for businesses:

  • • Setting up a business line – using PBCM’s Voice over Internet Protocol system
  • • Setup Web, Domain & Email hosting services for your business
  • • Provide an IT analysis/audit of your business and recommendations to improve efficiencies.