What we do at PBCM

PBCM aims to support small businesses who have outgrown pen & paper – that currently lack resources, knowledge and time to work on their expansion plans.

By building the backbone on which small businesses can scale efficiently, our expertise and knowledge supports and empowers our clients to fully overcome roadblocks necessary for growth.

We succeed in establishing both short-term and long-term integrated solutions for sales, marketing, administration and telecom/IT. We implement solutions and train clients to grow on their own, but also support any expansion projects that fall outside of our client’s comfort zones.

Our Values

Respect: We respect and celebrate how different backgrounds bring different levels of knowledge and experience for collaboration

Simplicity: We believe that success is about solving issues with the least amount of struggle.

Empowerment for self-growth: We value working in partnership with our clients and strive to move things forward for all collaborators involved.

Initiating change: Change is inevitable, so let’s be in charge of it.