Business Phone Line

Any business, big or small, needs a business line to ease customer service and operations. We’ve listed all the reasons how it can benefit a small business or startup in our blog post “How setting up a business number can benefit your small business in 2020”.

At PBCM, we help our clients and partners setup a VoIP Business Phone line which can not only save hundred of dollars in costs, but also boost your sales & customer service potential.

We offer the following:

Service Fee type Fee
Provisioning fee
Line order – custom DID number
Account setup
One-time fee $49.00
Basic Phone Service:
In addition to Setup fees:
The monthly fee for Direct Inbound Dialing (Any area code)
CAN/USA – Unlimited calls in/out
Voicemail to e-mail
Call forwarding
Encrypted communication through STRP (security)
Monthly fee $19.00
Premium Phone Service:
In addition to Setup & Basic Phone Service, includes:
2-way SMS (MMS coming soon)
Interactive Virtual Digital Receptionist (Custom recordings available)
Time conditions (routing based on time of day)
Calling queue with voice prompts
Music on Hold (11 choices)
Call recording ($0.02/minute)
Monthly fee $29.00

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