This video gives you a Step-by-step description once you arrive at our location on how to pickup keys.

Shortly after booking.

All our bookings are automatically accepted and approved. We welcome new and experienced Turo guests.

Make sure to double check your booking the start time, allotted mileage and end time within the app or website.

You can prepare 2 images and upload them to the trip photos. The selfie and closeup of the drivers license. You can read more about it on the Turo page here.

You will get a lockbox code and number about 1 hour before your trip starts.

You’ve picked up the car!

You’ve collected the keys and found the car, great!

We highly suggest you document the state of the car by following the check-in process in the Turo app.

If you have booked one of our Manual cars, keep in mind that you must press the clutch on fully as you turn the keys to start it.

If the breaks are squeaky after driving off, give them some time to warm up and get the rust off them.


The exterior of the car is not always washed between trips as at times it’s useless and can freeze the car. If that’s the case, return it in the same outside dirty condition. Otherwise please wash it upon return.

If there has been some snow and some ice formed in the tires, you may experience minor vibrations, it will go away after the ice falls off.

During the trip

If there are any concerns/issues – please reach out to us for guidance.

Turo Canada 1-888-391-0460 is open 8am to 9pm – 7 days a week. Outside of these hours of operations, you will be connected to the USA team for emergency roadside assistance only.


After the Trip.